Religious Traditions

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Elements of Religious Traditions
In the following paragraphs, I will explain how religious traditions describe and encourage the relationships with the divine, sacred time, sacred space or natural world, and with each other. Next, I will identify issues that are critical. Finally, I will include examples of various religious traditions. Relationship with the divine

Divinity is the power of having attributes and the quality of being divine. In earlier times, divinity was believed to give an explanation as to why natural disasters happened. The divine reasoning for things like hurricanes, eclipses, and even volcano’s erupting were explained. Over time, the same reasoning still is the basis to explain the ways that miracles happen. People Believe that divine intervention takes place and reflects the truth of the person’s religion. Being divine is sacred. Relationship with sacred time

Life goes on as time goes on. When it comes to sacred time, the higher power and divinity comes through. Eternity is the sacred time that most religions live by. Time has no sacredness of its own, but rather, is a tool to be redeemed and employed by humans in order to participate and celebrate the eternal (What is Sacred Time?, 2010). Sacred time can connect members of the same religion together. It brings congregations and others together with Christ. Sacred time also helps Christians realize that from birth to death, there is a similarity in the life of Christ. Most members of the Christian Faith re-enact the birth of Jesus Christ during the Christmas season. Sacred time and the traditions and ceremonies that go along with it help the believer grow closer his or her divine being. Sacred time shares its importance with sacred space. Relationship with sacred space or the natural world

A sacred place is a location that allows the believer to communicate with his or her divine deity. A sacred place can be a natural location such as a mountain. Moses would retreat to Mount...

References: What is Sacred Time? (2010). Retrieved 9 5, 2010, from Roadmaps for Worship:
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