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Topics: Christianity, Religion, Islam Pages: 4 (1376 words) Published: October 30, 2013
For years religion has been an integral custom of all people throughout time, and across the world. Nearly every civilization known to man practiced some sort of religion. Mankind has always wondered about the purpose, nature, creation and morality of the universe. This may be simply explained by human curiosity and the need to understand the complex and unexplainable. Most interestingly, as time went on these theories evolved and people from different parts mingled and further built upon new ideas which would spread to hundreds of followers and believers. Nonetheless, it can never be forgotten that at no time was there only one theory or understanding of the world which satisfied all people. In this culture and society, it is widely understood and accepted that people are permitted to have their own thoughts and opinions which they are entitle to express. In this country freedom of speech and also freedom of religion are known rights granted to all people. Constitutionally, the right to have freedom of speech and religion is protected in Canada. Under Canada's constitution, all aspects of religion are to be protected and the country's people can never be persecuted for performing assemblies or worship, assured these are peaceful. By the constitution, the Canadian government vows to allow everyone to have their unique religion and to express it without being limited or interfered with. All religions in Canada are thus protected and permitted in Canada, including the choice to reject religion. For the less fortunate in less tolerant countries, Canada is a place of hope and safety. In countries where religion, or specific religions are banned by law, severe persecution of the people who break these laws can easily threaten followers. Canada has been known for years as a hopeful safe-haven. Canada accepts all refugees who can provide proof of great risk of punishment in their own country because of their religion. This way, Canada has helped to save lives at risk...
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