Religious Education Sba

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This School Based Assessment (SBA) has been conducted in accordance with the requirements for the General Proficiency Social Studies CXC Examinations – May – June 2013

Candidate’s Name: Wilkiens Martin

Teacher’s Name: Mrs Rose Edwards

School: Clement Howell High School

Centre Number:________________

Registration Number: ___________

Proficiency: General

Territory: Turks & Caicos Island

Year of Exam: 2013

Student’s Name: Wilkiens Martin
Teacher’s Name: Mrs. Rose Edwards
School: Clement Howell High School
Centre Number: __________________
Registration Number: _____________
Proficiency: General
Territory: Turks & Caicos Island
Year of Exam: 2013

Table of Content

Proposed Topic:
Baptist Church

Proposed Area of Interest:
Festivals in the Baptist Church

Proposed Title:
The Importance of Festivals in the Baptist Church

Statement of Aims:
To identify:
1. The Festivals Celebrated by the Baptist Church
2. The Importance of Festivals in the Baptist Church
3. How and When They are Celebrated
4. The Impact of These Festivals on the Wider Society

How Data will be Collected
1. Research Literature Available on Festivals in the Baptist Church

2. Use of Questionnaires

3. Interview Leaders and Members of the Baptist Church to Gather First Hand Knowledge on the Importance of Festival to Them

4. Visit Worship Service to Observe how These Festivals are Celebrated

How Will Data Be Analysed
* Questionnaires
* Charts and Graphs
* Choice and Effectiveness of Data to Society

Location of Study Area
* Five Cays
* Downtown
* Blue Hills

Equipment Required
* Writing and Drawing Instruments
* Computer

Likely Problems
* Financial Constraints


Religion And Festivals work together. There are varieties of religions and festivals that are held around world each year; there are many reasons for holding a festival:

* The birth or death of a founder or leader.
* The end of a fast or some other important religious occasion. * A particularly important event in the history of the religion. * An important season of the year.

Some things that are common among festivals are giving and receiving presents, eating of special food and drink, wearing of special or new clothes, singing, dancing, playing of music, concerts etc.

The researcher’s aim in conducting this research is to find out, what festivals are celebrated in the Baptist church; why the Baptist church celebrates these festivals and the impact that these festivals have.


The information for this research was obtained from reviewing literature on festivals in the Baptist church and questionnaires were distributed to gather the information.


The researcher collected the data on various dates as follow: * October 16th, 2012
* October 22nd, 2012
* November 1st, 2012
* December 3rd, 2012
* January 16th, 2013
* January 25th, 2013


Data was collected in the areas of Blue Hills, Downtown and Five Cays, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Island.

The Season of Christmas

Celebrating Nativity of Jesus Christ, the Incarnation of God Dates:
Christmas Season begins at sundown on 24 December and ends at sundown on 5 January. Colours:
In most churches, the decorations are white to represent the angels who announced Jesus’ birth.

Christmas is an annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is a time when Christians remember that God sent his only son to humanity as his greatest gift to save humankind. . Jesus willingly, chose to lay aside his rights as God and allowed himself to feel the pain of our humanity, It also remind us each year that Jesus is always a surprise to us – a surprise that he cared...
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