Religious Descrimination

Topics: Employment, Religion, Law Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Religious discrimination is more predominate now than it was in the past because of new cultures and religions immigrating to the United States. Religious discrimination is classified as people being treated unfavorably because of his or her religious beliefs. Religious discrimination is both unethical and against the law.

The discrimination act title VII of the civil rights act 1964 was introduced in the work place to protect individuals from religious discrimination that work for or apply for a position in a company. Employees who hire personnel who practice certain religions, have to reasonably accommodate those with specific religions without suffering undue hardship that may impact the business of the company some examples that are needed to accommodate are schedule changes, changing people around to cover the shifts, and transfer to different departments, or other work places. If those who have religion practices that require time off from work are discriminated against, they do have the right to file a lawsuit through the EEOC as a discrimination against religion lawsuit, which can include the fact that those who practice certain religions can express their religion while on the job freely, as long as it does not impose on others who work in the same company. This law also forbids employers from firing, low pay, different assignments, loss of promotion, layoffs, not allowing training, loss of benefits or other conditions due to religious beliefs practiced. (EEOC). The law also forbids segregating employees, using offensive remarks, as it is illegal and causes those who have specific religious beliefs to be in hostile work environment or become offended due to being harassed about their religious beliefs. Due to the new law that took effect in 1964 there were two companies that were sued over religious discrimination, one law suit was over a complaint from a Jewish applicant who at the interview stated that he could not work during the Jewish Sabbath,...
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