Religious Conversion

Topics: Religion, Christianity, Religious conversion Pages: 4 (1463 words) Published: November 1, 2012
Religious Conversion

They say change is good, is this so? To some change is bad. People hate to switch upon things when there used to something being a certain way. To others change is essential to life. One must change and adapt to live on and survive. Whether one likes it or not, everything goes through change. It could be from the type of coffee one drink to the weather in the city, things face change. What about change by choice? Has there ever been a certain lifestyle that one changed from? In many cases, these types of changes are religious based. Throughout life, many people seek clarification and comfort as to this big mystery we call life. Is there a God; who is he; which of these religions are telling the truth, and so on. Personally I feel when it comes to changing a religion; most people make that conversion due to relation. There was something about that scripture or speech that just moved you or opened your eyes into a new realization.

The person I chose for this religious conversion experience was my father Brent Washington. In the beginning, it was very challenging as to who I would choose to interview being that I knew many people who’ve had religious conversion. What made me decide to choose my father was the uniqueness of the religion that he chooses to practice. The conversion that he made was from Christianity to Rastafarianism. Hearing this immediately sparked my attention because for one my father never really told anyone in the family about the religion he practices. Sometimes when it comes to certain issues, he’s a pretty secret person. Secondly, I am not fully knowledgeable on the concept of Rastafarianism and the thought of one changing from a religion that’s more direct to one way of thinking to another religion where the concept is more of a broad thinking. Once the interview began, my father right away began to flood me with information as to regard his conversion. When I approached him addressing that I would interview him, he...
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