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Religious Attitudes To The Elderly And Death

Topics: Death, Old age, Ageism, Gerontology, Ageing, Middle age / Pages: 2 (570 words) / Published: Mar 28th, 2015
Religious Attitudes to the Elderly and Death
1. What is ageism (1 mark)
2. Explain two reasons why some religious believers think that the elderly should be cared for by their families (4marks)
3. ‘Religion provides support for the elderly’
What do you think? Explain your opinion. (3 marks)
4. Hospices care for the dying and support their families. Explain religious attitudes towards hospices. (4 marks)
5. ‘People should not be kept alive by artificial means’
Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer, showing that you have thought about more than one point of view. Refer to religious arguments in your answer. (6 marks)
1. Ageism is when older members of society are discriminated against, because of their age. For example, someone not being able to get a job because they are ‘too old.’
2. Christians believe that the elderly should be cared for by their families as they believe that the elderly should be treated with love and respect: “Honour your mother and father.” (Exodus) They also believe that you may be punished in the afterlife if you don’t follow this order.
In Islam they believe that the elderly should live with and be looked after by family. They believe it is a sin to send a parent to a care home as it is unkind and disrespectful. They believe that your parents have looked after you for years so once they get old it is your duty to look after them.
3. I agree with this statement as many religions provide charity and hospices for the elderly.
For example, they believe that the elderly should be treated with care and respect and most churches provide hospices for the elderly.
In addition, in Islam the families of elderly people make sure that they are looked after as it is considered a duty and an honour.
4. In Islam it is considered disrespectful and unkind to send a family member to a hospice as it is considered an honour and duty for the family the family of an elderly person to look after them.
In Christianity many churches provide hospices for the elderly as they believe it is the right thing to do, if an elderly person is dying, to make them feel as comfortable as possible. As most Christians do not agree with euthanasia they would believe this is a good alternative. However, some Christians would believe that the elderly should be looked after by family as they should be treated with respect and you should: “Honour your mother and father.”
5. I disagree with this statement as if someone said they wanted to be kept on life support before they dies then their wishes should followed. However some people may also choose to end their life if they are suffering, which they also have a right to do.
In Islam they would agree with this statement as they believe when your time comes you should not try and delay it as it is not your decision, but Allah’s: “Allah fixes the time span for all living things.”
Some Christians may disagree with this statement as they believe that if you have a chance to try and save a life you should. They also believe that if keeping someone alive by artificial means means that this helps them feel more comfortable then it should it should be done as they believe you should: “Love they neighbour.”

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