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1. What do you already know, or think you know, about Judaism, Christianity, and Islam? I don’t know much but I do know that they are all very similar. 2. In what parts of the world are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam dominant today? Judaism is concentrated in Israel and North America, Islam is concentrated in North Africa, Central and Western Asia, and Indonesia, and Christianity is concentrated in North and South America, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Australia. 3. How are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam related?

All three of these religions began with Abraham, and spread out with his sons. 4. How are the stories of Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad alike and different?

5. After reading these excerpts, how do you think these religions compare? I think that they all compare in the sense that each of the gods had sacrificed something for the people and they are each saying there should be no other god than them. 6. What are the primary differences and similarities among the three religions? Why? All of the religions believe in fasting, commandments, afterlife, Sabbath, soul, they all believe that Moses is a prophet of god and they are all monotheistic. Christians believe in sacraments and the resurrection of Jesus, Muslims believe in the five pillars, that Muhammad is a prophet of god and Jews and Muslims believe in food taboos. 7. Why are some sites considered sacred in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam? The sites are considered sacred to them because it has something to do with the burial, resurrection, the buildings of their gods. 8. Why do divisions occur within as well as among the three major monotheistic religions?
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