Religion World View Paper

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Growing up in a strong Christian household I have stuck by that religion throughout my life and still do. Christianity has shaped me into the person I am today but it also shaped my parents into who they are. My parents did a great job of raising me and I believe Christianity has a great deal to do with it. My parents never abused me, never abused themselves (drinking, smoking, drugs, etc.), taught me strong moral values, and held me to a high standard throughout my life. Christianity was the driving force behind how my parents raised me because everything I learned in Sunday school directly correlated with the teachings my parents used. I am very thankful for religion and Christianity because without them I would not be the strong individual I am today.

Religious Experience

I have had a vast experience with religion but really only one kind and that is Christianity. I have only had good experiences with it; however, there was one time in my life when I doubted God. In December of 2006 my parents and I moved from Virginia to Albuquerque, New Mexico. This was devastating to me because my siblings, who I am very close to, would stay behind since they were both over the age of 18 and had started college. The reason for the move is because my father, a professor at Liberty University at the time, told us that God was telling him to move to Albuquerque to take a job as one of the pastors at a church called Desert Springs Church. At the time all I could think of was how much I resented God and my father for making us move to Albuquerque. My first two years in Albuquerque were really bad. I was depressed because of how much I missed my siblings, I had difficulty making new friends, and I could not stand the lack of green (still to this day I miss the green). Once I started college though I began appreciating the move out to Albuquerque. Without the move I would not have been able to get into such a good school with a great scholarship and I...
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