Religion: Wicca and Beliefs

Topics: Wicca, Religion, Life Pages: 3 (1026 words) Published: July 28, 2013
1. Examine to what extent your religious beliefs fall into this pattern. Do some elements have more weight than others? If you do not have a belief system, interview someone who does and examine their belief system. Provide enough details to support your answers. Most beliefs that people have come from how they were brought up in life, but those beliefs also become mixed in with the new beliefs they acquire as they get older. I was born into a church going family. Being raised by my grandmother, I have learned many things from her as far as what religion is and what it means to me. We took part in all church activities that were happening throughout the week. Having the teachings from my grandmother as well as what I have learned in the church made allowed me to life my life completely different from where I lived physically. When my grandmother became ill and could not make it to the church anymore, I decided to attend another church that was closer to home and school. I just needed to be in close range to my grandmother and able to get to school by taking the public transportation. I started attending church with the Salvation Army, when within a year I became a soldier for Jesus Christ. This church not only allowed me to be closer to the Lord, but as well as provide my talents that I have in the arts. I was able to bring my love for the Lord through my acting, dancing, and singing. I was able to provide the help that I wanted from my heart by providing meals for the homeless and giving back to my community by serving meals during holidays and giving out gift baskets to families in need. I even taught the teachings from the Lord to the young children in the community as well as teaching the arts to them that will allow them to understand the Lord in different forms of teachings. My beliefs have come a long way since I can remember. My beliefs came through my emotions. I looked to the church to get away from the bad situations that I would go through. For...
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