Religion: Way of Life? Human Creation? Fact or Fallacy? One of Mankind’s Earliest Mystery “Perspectified”

Topics: Religion, Richard Dawkins, Erich von Däniken Pages: 4 (1421 words) Published: April 16, 2012
Mr. John
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February 27, 2012
Religion: Way of Life? Human Creation? Fact or Fallacy? One of Mankind’s Earliest Mystery “Perspectified” Man has been a spiritual being even before we discovered rationality and logical thought. Millions of people around the world belong to at least one religion and even more have mixed feelings about the truth in their doctrines. Religion in present day age is not taken as seriously than in the past human civilizations where religion was regarded as basically law but still continues to have an enormous impact around the world. There are many religions from every part of the world by now on this planet and have a very diverse collection of ideas on which religion is correct in addressing the many questions on how people conduct their lives while they are alive. This modest paper goes into different perspectives on the ancient and broad subject on religion to help open minds. Many believers in religion are very devout to their practice. From a religious believers perspective they have complete faith that their religion is the answer to problems, ethical or moral judgments, and is just a formula to live life fully according to the particular doctrine. According to a popular science website Livescience, there was a study conducted by Trinity College American Religious Identification survey that gave Americans a chance to self identify Alger 1

what religion they are affiliated with. The results showed that eighty percent of the population of America belongs to some kind of religion, those are very high results for beliefs that have no concrete evidence or proof. The site then goes on to say when religion began, "In every culture and society going back 100,000 years when the human brain began to form and expand," this fact possibly might be the reason that religion is hard-wired to our minds after we developed far greater cognitive skills (Livescience). The most interesting part of information to me that gives religion...
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