Religion vs. Science

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Religion vs. Science
December 10, 2003

I would like to approach this subject from the position of being a member of the panel who has awaited his turn to speak and approach this not in the spirit of argument, rather in the spirit of discussion. My views are based on being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and in no way do I wish to force my beliefs on any of the members of the panel, instead I prefer to place them on the table objectively to be discussed later. It is true that many people after obtaining some knowledge of science begin to doubt the teachings of their father's religion. However, I would say that this is not because they have come to a greater knowledge of science, but rather they do not understand God. Many have grown up with a mystical understanding of God – that He is a being who has no body parts or passions large enough to fill the entire universe but small enough to dwell in one's heart. To a scientist, this view is illogical and goes against natural laws. God is flesh and blood; we are created in His image as pointed out in the Bible, in Genesis. This viewpoint was also expressed in the Bible, in Mathew, when Christ was resurrected and His apostles were asked to come forward and feel the prints in His hands and feet and see that He was still flesh and blood. Feynman in his essay made it clear that scientists must be able use the scientific method, "If I do this, what will happen?", in order to answer its questions. Any question, philosophical or not, that cannot be put into this form must reside outside the realm of science. The mistake is that scientists do not believe that this type of questioning can be applied to religion. However, the very teachings of God show us that not only can it be applied, but that it must be applied in order for one to come to the same type of knowledge of God as he/she would about something scientifically. In the Bible, which is common to most religions as well as mine,...
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