Religion should be part of government decisions.

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Religion Should Be Part of Government Decisions.

Religion has been a topic of discussion for a while. On whether it should be in schools, or on public property, or, for our cause, whether it should be part of the government. To be more clear, we’re for the use of religious views (to an extent) in governmental decision and/or regulation. Now, one might think that introducing religion in politics is a bad idea, but without really researching on the subject, one could easily think anything. Just look at the facts; congress can use religion to get people to agree on something that will help the U.S. as a country, certain religions provide mental limitations that keep people from breaking the law, and religion helps people look at the better side of things and be less hostile.

Don’t believe religion can bring the best out of people? When someone has a horrible accident, or maybe they’re going through a rough patch in their life, they usually turn to religion to put them on the right path. Thats how they get their life back on track, they talk out the problems they’re going through and, sometimes, even hold a meeting with other members of the church (or coven or online-religious group) if people are emotionally distressed instead of keeping it inside until they become horribly hostile. (, April 25th 2006) “Harm none, so mote it be.” is an example of religion helping in a more peaceful society, with less violence. That quote is from the wiccan religion, where after meditation, or if they ask from one of the deities, they will say this to make sure that nothing bad will be put into the universe and/or hurt any living thing, including the Earth. (Wiccan’s rade 2011) In all, religion gives people a reason to live, it gives them purpose in life. That makes them happier by default. We may never know what the true meaning of life is, but religion gives people peace of mind knowing that where they're heading, is the right path....
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