Religion Refugee Speech

Topics: Australia, Pope Benedict XVI, Refugee Pages: 3 (1005 words) Published: August 22, 2013
Good morning/afternoon fellow students, teachers and guests on World Refugee Day 2013. Today I am here to talk to you about a topic which I am sure you all have heard about as a hot topic on the news and it is Refugees in Detention Centers in Australia. The theme of my speech will be about ‘Social justice is equal and fair distribution of social values, such as freedom, income and wealth and the opportunity to take part in society’. I will outline and describe the different situations and settings that fellow human beings must encounter due to the way our government see it today. Australia’s immigration policy states that any person that enters our country without a valid visa (refugee) must be placed in mandatory detention centers around the country. Fellow refugees come from all around the world; including countries like Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. These people flee there war torn and broken down countries for a better life in Australia but are placed into these so called ‘mandatory detention centers’. Currently in Australia today we have close to 7000 refugees spread out in isolated areas. They are locked away in hidden centers coated with barbed wire, made for only about one third of the amount in there. For example, the detention center on Christmas Island has nearly 1’200 refugees crammed into a center made for only 400. These detention centers turn out to be much worse or close to the poor conditions that they suffer back home, from where they are trying to escape. So let me give you an image of what the conditions are like, imagine coming from your country and finally arriving on Australian shores believing you will be able to start afresh but are soon placed into these detention centers. These drab centers are now prone to overcrowding and nothing is being done. Does this sound right to you? This issue of Refugee’s in Australia is seen as a Social Justice concern because we are treating these refugees as prisoners. Earlier in my speech I used the quote...
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