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A look at religion, its beliefs and fallacies that throughout history have continued to have negative effects on contemporary society. The usefulness of religion is in the past, and its foundational books are fables. It is a man-made imposition which has been an enemy of science and inquiry. Religion has subsisted largely on lies and fears, and been the accomplice of ignorance and guilt as well as of slavery, genocide, racism, and tyranny.

George Carlin once said “I worship the sun for several reasons. The first reason is that unlike god, you can actually see the sun which really helps with its credibility. It gives me everything that I need like heat, light, food, and occasionally skin cancer. But there are no crucifixions, and sun worshipers don’t set people that don’t agree with them on fire. Unlike church the sun will never ask you for money. The sun will never tell you that you are unworthy or that you need to be saved. Although I worship the sun, I don’t pray to the sun. I pray to Joe Pesci for two reasons. First of all he is a good actor. Second is that he looks like a guy that can get things done. For several years I had asked God to take care of my neighbor with the noisy dog with no results, I finally prayed to Joe Pesci just once and he straightened him out with one visit.” (Carlin, George. 2008. It’s Bad For Ya. Available from HBO Comedy Standup) From the beginning of time one thing has been the contributing factor to more deaths then any disease, controversies then any political scandals, and the majority of wars between different countries and groups. That deadly thing has come to be known as “Religion”. In my paper I will discuss several of the main ideas and definitions of different religions, beliefs, and philosophies in order to question and disprove their theories. When it comes to believing or accepting a religion or any religious belief there are three basic categories that you can fall under. The first category is “Atheism” or being an Atheist. This basically means that you do not believe in religion or the concept of a god. Many Atheists’ believe that religion is wrong, irrational or harmful, and has been a powerful force for violence and xenophobia throughout history. The second category that people can fall under is called “Agnostic”. Similar to Atheist’s, Agnostics do not necessarily believe in a God, however they are more open to the idea that the existence of a God may in some way shape or form be possible. The last category that people can fall under in regards to believing in religion is called “Theism”. Theist’s simply believe in the idea or existence of at least one God. Theism does not depend on how many God’s one believes in, nor does it depend on how the Theist arrives at their belief. Throughout my life I was always intrigued by religion. This began when I was young with my catholic upbringing. I always had a lot of questions as to religious practices and beliefs, and the meanings and history behind them. When I began to ask questions as to why things were the way that they were I was often met with extremely general and vague answers. I have often thought that its 2012 and you can now view people around the world live via internet when you talk to them, you can drive cars that average over 60 miles per gallon of gasoline consumption, you can have unlimited internet access from the palm of your hand at amazingly fast speeds, yet people are still blowing themselves up and executing each other in masses over something that in all reality cannot actually be proven. Not only that but the fact that people become instantly hurt or insulted if you do not agree with something that is part of their religious beliefs. Then you have the people that think they have the right to control other people’s lives because they don’t...

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