Religion of Malaysian

Topics: Religion, Nation, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: March 29, 2011
Religiously divided country more likely to cause racial conflict than countries where citizens conflicting for resources based on interest groups. This is because the position of religion is fixed and cannot be query. Disagreements between identity groups based on their religion character are mostly hard to negotiate and it will raise the chances of ethnic violence. With different religion, people have different view about the relation between God and human being, between husband and son, between individual and group, between citizenship and nation. Besides that, they have also different view in their human rights and responsibilities, freedom and power and so on. People with different religion cannot share the way of thinking and the way of understanding the world. There are a barrier between them and finally cause misunderstanding. All of this are the historical products of centuries and cannot be eliminate easily. This different amongst civilization cause ethnic conflict happened in Malaysia. One of the most important causes of conflict are Chinese, Malay and India have their own live style based on their cultural and tradition, this make the problem exist between ethnics become serious. Every ethnic group defends for their religion and thinks their religion is the best. This cause religion discriminates among ethnic groups. If any ethnic comments on the religion of others, they will feel that is an insult and lead to an ethnic conflict. Furthermore, if a country which only has one religion, there is no any religion interaction and as individual there is no gain in fighting each other. When the number of religions increases, the religious tension increases too. They will start fight for their religious interest or benefits.
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