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Things Fall Apart

“Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe, features many cultures that the Ibo people practice. The Ibo people are a clan in a Nigerian village called Umuofia. The Ibo clan practices common tribal traditions like the worship of gods, sacrifice, communal living, marriage, war, and magic. Religion in the Umuofian society was very important and distinct, they have different ways of practicing it, and it is influenced and compared to the Christian religion practiced by the European missionaries that were invading at the time. Religion has been around for millions of years and it is used as a way to explain things that occur throughout our daily living. These events that occur can be explained by religion. The Ibo religion depicted in the book and the Christian religion of England share various similarities. The Christian missionaries in Umuofia believed that the Ibo religion is polytheistic even though the Ibo religion isn’t polytheistic at all.
The Ibo people believed in one big god, this god that the Ibo people believed in goes by the name ‘Chukwu’ and he is the creator of all things that the Ibo’s saw “You say that there is one supreme god who created heaven and earth” (179). The ibo people also feared Chukwu as said by Chinua Achebe “You are afraid of Chukwu. In my religion Chukwu is a loving Father and need not be feared by those who do His will” (181).

They believed that ‘Chukwu’ is the biggest god and he created smaller gods, they thought that the only way to talk to the supreme god is through the smaller ones “as indeed all the minor gods were” (179). The Ibo people used icons to represent there gods or ‘pieces of wood as said by Mr. Brown “you carve a piece of wood and you call it a god” (179) this proves that they used wood icons to praise there god Chukwu but also it shows how Christian missionaries do not see the similarities between them and the Ibo’s because they are blinded by hatred and focused only on themselves.
The Christian

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