Religion Makes People Abandon Logic

Topics: Religion, Logic, Human Pages: 3 (1094 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Religion makes people abandon logic
Religion has being existed for thousands of years. And incredibly, almost all of the countries in this world have their own religions, which make us have to think about its necessarity of existence. There must be some reasons or it would not attract so many believers. There are a mass of researches about religion, someone believe it and others against. I am really on Russell’s side that religion is actually a kind of disease which derives from fear and results in many human disasters, including losing logic. The definition of religion in OALD is that the belief in the existence of a god or gods, and the activities that are connect with the worship of them. From the definition we can see that religious belief is human being’s perceptual knowledge rather than rational knowledge. Religion has its spring in a feudal, tenebrous and jumbled age. It seems that the darker the society is, the more prevalent the religion would be. Under the oppression, people need relief to the spirit. In the cruel reality, only rebellion and illusion could help people free from such suffering. However seldom people dared to rebel the king or the government. As a result, most of them relied on religion. One of the main characters of religion is that people must believe it. As long as people believe it, people will into religion’s “logic”. And to those believers, stories or doctrines such as the six great divisions in the wheel of karma or original sin really exist. At this point, logic is not the most important thing then. Everything complex that logic can not explain will be attributed to the gods’ plans or karma. People believe at first, and then they don’t need reasons any more because they have already believed it. In this way, religion makes people believe it without reasons. Most of people don’t know and think why they believe religion.

Logic refers to both the study of modes of reasoning and the use of valid reasoning. In...
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