Religion in the Sun Also Rises

Topics: Religion, God, Faith Pages: 3 (922 words) Published: March 25, 2008
Participation in the war can alter ones views of the world. For Hemingway and the characters of The Sun Also Rises it meant the world had lost its innocence, and that traditional Christian morality no longer had any relevance. The expatriates lack religion as a whole and although they may know the concept they simply have no hope or faith. In The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway, the difficulties of Brett, Jake and Bill can be directly attributed to the lack of religious faith that stems from their involvement in the war. Brett faced a tragic loss during her involvement in the war and as a result, she experienced great difficulty being religious.

- Since the death of her love, Brett constantly threw herself at different men to try and fill the empty feeling she was left with. She also turned to alcohol to temporarily escape all her problems.

“I’m damned bad for a religious atmosphere. I’ve the wrong type of face.”

Brett herself knows that because of her immoral lifestyle, she is not worthy to be inside a church. This is probably why she always hesitates to enter a chapel.

- Brett is a spoiled and selfish woman. She is used to getting everything she wants, especially from men.

“Never does me any good. I’ve never gotten anything I prayed for.”

Brett does not think highly of prayer. In fact, she would rather use her good looks and sex to get what she wants.

- Brett’s decision to let Romero go was one of the only good deeds she had done in the novel. For once, she thought about another’s feelings.

“You know it makes one feel rather good deciding not to be a bitch. It’s sort of what we have instead God. He never worked very well with me.”

Brett thinks that God does not really exist because if he did, her life would not be such a terrible state. She is used having men succumb to her wishes. However, God is one of the few men that she can bewitch which is why she does not call to Him.

Being the most influenced character by war, Jake...
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