Religion in the Medieval Times

Topics: Christianity, Pope, Bishop Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Religion in the Medieval times
The main religion in the medieval times was the Christianity, in the form of the Roman Catholic church. It was also the only religion in Medieval Europe. The head of the Roman Catholic church is the Pope. In the medieval times the Church leaders, such as the Bishops and Archbishops sat at the king’s council and played important roles in the government. The priests however, tended to the sick in the villages and if he were able to, taught Latin and bible to youth. Meeting house

The meeting Houses of the church were Cathedrals. As Europe expanded in the twelfth century many of the arched roof cathedrals became too small. Some of the grander cathedrals collapsed within a century or less of their construction. Lives of the people The medieval church played a big part in the lives of the people in the medieval times. The church dominated the lives of the people. The people believed that there was a heaven and a hell. From the early stages the church taught that you could only go to heaven if the Roman Catholic church let you in. People were told of the horrors that awaited them in hell. It made people terrified. Tithing In the medieval times, people paid 10% of what they earned that year. This is called tithing. Many peasants only had little money so they gave the church seeds, harvested grain, animals and many more things. Paying tithing usually caused a lot of hardships for the peasants as they need their seeds and animals to feed their families the next year. The offerings were keept in barns called tithes barns. A lot of the grains stored would have been poisoned by rats. If you failed to pay tithing, so the peasants were told, your soul would go to Hell after you died. The death of Jesus Christ

After the death of Jesus Christ in 33 AD Christianity was banned. If found...

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