Religion in Schools Essay

The presence and extent of religion in public schools is one of the most difficult church/state issues. Religion in schools is a problem that can affect many people because of how they are treated in a discriminatory manner, also not all have the same religion or in some cases people have no religion. In my opinion, schools and religion should not be linked because religion is a personal and voluntary choice.

The religion is something that should not be imposed. According to some articles: “The Establishment clause of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution State that “the Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise there of”. I think this was done so that there were no problems with students in schools by their religions, because their beliefs are normally very different and they may to try to impose on others their own beliefs. Another fact is, that in most instances, students have the right to express their personal religious beliefs. Students may pray, read the Bible or other religious text and discuss their faith as long as they do so in a non-disruptive or non-discriminatory manner. All of us have the right to believe, provide they do not disturb others by their beliefs and if some of their beliefs do not please us, we should not treat them badly or upset about it, just let them believe that and we believe what we want. Finally, in keeping with someone anonymous in the web: “Public schools may not lead students in prayer as established by the Supreme Court in 1962 with their ruling in Engel V. Vitate(1962): Schools with initiated prayer in the public schools system violates the First Amendment.”. I think that this was done in order for it to be possible to respect the beliefs of the others but not to practice religions in the schools, but individually. Besides there is the fact that are already specific places to practice each one´s religions.

In the line with an article in the...
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