Religion in Schools

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Religion in Public Schools
Religion is a set of beliefs and practices often organized around supernatural and moral claims, and often codified as prayer, ritual, and religious law. Religion also encompasses ancestral or cultural traditions, writings, history, and mythology, as well as personal faith and mystic experience. The term “religion” refers to both the personal practices related to communal faith and to group rituals and communication stemming from shared conviction.( All different ethnicities have different religion views that they have been raised with or have simply decided to research other religions to decide which one is right for them and where they want to practice their religion. However, what happens when religion is not only taught in Church, the issue of religion being taught in schools has been brought up to the School Board and to the students parents. This controversial issue has made parents step up to give their own point of views as to why students should not be taught religion in schools. The way I plan to do my research on the topic is by looking up information on the Internet because I will not find the answers in a book. Should religion be taught in school? What should parents do to not allow religion in schools? What should constitute acceptable ”prayer” or moments of silence in public schools? What procedures should the school board take on the issue? Should students be able to voice their opinions on this issue? These questions will help me find the answers that I need to understand the topic.

Parents are the proper agents to determine what religion, if any, their children are exposed to. Public schools have no right to usurp parental authority by imposing religion on school children. Mandatory prayer, Bible reading, or other religious activities sponsored by public schools are fundamental violations of the right of conscience. Public school students have the right to pray on their own...
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