Religion in Public Schools

Topics: Evolution, Religion, Creationism Pages: 3 (1008 words) Published: November 22, 2006
"...Schools do more than train children's minds. They also help to nurture their souls by reinforcing the values they learn at home and in their communities. I believe that one of the best ways we can help out schools to do this is by supporting students'rights to voluntarily practice their religious beliefs, including prayer in schools.... For more than 200 years, the First Amendment has protected our religious freedom and allowed many Faiths to flourish in our homes, in our work place and in our schools. Clearly understood And sensibly applied, it works."

President Clinton. May 30, 2006

June 25, 1962, the Supreme Court ruled that school prayer and Bible readings would cease in all public school systems. It became a reality; God had been removed from the classroom in the United States of America. Some time later, Canada jumped the bandwagon to become one of the few countries to publicly declare the extermination of religious practice in public schools. Neither prayer nor Bible studies were tolerated nor the theory of creation was no longer acceptable to the new curriculum; instead, evolution or the "big bang theory" was taught. This mass controversy caused countless problems throughout the US and Canada and it continues to impact society to this present day. With the recent introduction of homosexual studies into some curriculums, more parents are starting to question whether the public school system is taking things too far. Issues involving religion and education are repeated topics of public debate. Members of diverse faith traditions often find themselves on opposite sides of issues related to school prayer, the teaching of evolution and creation and teaching about religion openly. While some religious groups dispute that religion has a central role to play in public education, others maintain that a strong wall of separation is needed to protect religion from becoming diluted or being used improperly. (A Pew Forum) One of the most talked...
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