Religion in Medieval and Reaisaance Soecty

Topics: Middle Ages, Bishop, Renaissance Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: March 14, 2010
2. Give an account of the role of religion and the church in medieval and renaissance society.

The head church in Europe during the medieval ages was the Roman Catholic Church. Religion was the foremost divine power and authority during the medieval period. Therefore the lives of the people were completely dominated by the church; whether they were peasants, noble men, or kings. Because of their strong authority over people, religious institution became very rich and powerful. The church controlled every aspect of society during the medieval time. They created their own laws, own lands, and imposed taxes. “In addition to collecting taxes, the Church also accepted gifts of all kinds from individuals who wanted special favors or wanted to be certain of a place in heaven;” growing with its wealth every day. They had such great controlled that they manipulated the kings of Europe. Just as any other periods, there were plenty of problems that persist during the medieval times. There were many injustice performed by the church. Any people who opposed the way of the church would result in exile, excommunication, or even execution. People would be prevented from attending any church services, receive sacraments, and would be set for life full with misery and would go to straight to hell when they died. Many innocent people were tortured and executed in the name of religion. Therefore, there wasn’t any room for questioning the word of God. The church was the foundation of learning. Monks and Nuns followed Christ's teachings in groups in the convents or Monasteries where they lived and worked. They had three main jobs which were work, study, and prayer. The monks were almost similar to the griots from Africa; they kept the ancient learning of the past alive and past it down to generations. The monks also were also head of schools and hospitals. During that time, there was no such thing as medicine instead people strongly believed that God was the healer of all,...
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