Religion in Greece

Topics: Christianity, Catholic Church, Greek Orthodox Church Pages: 3 (1261 words) Published: October 22, 2013
The main religion in the country of Greece is Greek Orthodox. In fact, Greek Orthodox is the religion that about 98% of the population celebrates. Because of this vast amount of followers of this faith, the Greek Orthodox religion plays a very important role in the lives of its people. Festivals and Saint’s days, as well as other holidays on the religious calendar in Greece, throughout the year characterize this religion. Food plays a key role in society, particularly in respect of these holidays. The Greek’s firm religious beliefs are reflected in altars and facades of many Greek homes, and the religion has its roots deep in the history of Greece. The beliefs, customs and holidays are intricately woven into what is known as the Greek Orthodox religion. A worshipper of the Greek Orthodox religion believes in the old Christian ways. ‘Orthodox’ means, “correct belief” in Greek, which emphasizes that the religion is devoted to the original faith. After Jesus died, Paul of Tarsus took the Christian message to Asia, Minor (Turkey), and to Greece and Rome. The Greek Emperor Constantine was the first ruler to accept the Christian faith. Constantine gave the Christian Greeks the freedom to worship openly, gave them special privileges, and built the first great Christian churches. The role of the Greek Orthodox Church is maintaining Greek ethic and cultural identity, as they did during the 500 years of Ottoman rule, which has only strengthened the bond between religion and government. The religion became orthodox in the eighth century when the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church and the Patriarch of Constantinople came into conflict, a time known as Schism. Among the Christians and Roman Catholics, the two figures were known to be equal in power, but, because the Pope believed he held power over the entire church, and the Patriarch believed a council should make matters of faith, the two churches separated. Since then, the Greek Christians, now known as...
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