Religion in Flannery O'Connors the River.

Topics: Jesus, Christianity, Flannery O'Connor Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: November 28, 2008
Flannery O’Connor has used religion extensively in her work. She is described as a devout Catholic in her biography at Georgia College & State University website . In American Public Media, Speaking of Faith Podcast Paul Ellie a catholic author talks about Flannery O’Connor and other prominent catholic fiction writers . The others are Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton, and Walker Percy. He says among them only O’connor was born Catholic. Although they never met they used to correspond with each other. “Flannery O'Connor had a breakthrough as a young writer of fiction when she realized the stories of the Old Testament threw a special light on the rural South where she was living.” Ellie says In O’Connor’s The Complete stories Robert Giruox,her publisher describes how O’Connor stayed in correspondence with a monk Thomas Merton. The fact that O’Connor found it important to have a Catholic monk as one of her literary contacts shows that to her catholicism was not only the life she was born into but something she valued.

Flannery O’Connor has used religious imagery in most of her stories. Among these are A Good Man Is Hard To Find, The River, and Parker’s Back . References to religion are made through various ways, from vivid narration of religious activities , naming of her characters , constance mentioning of God and even other not so openly religious such as the use of colors attached to various meanings in the Church. According to violet is for penance and melancholy ,it is described as a violent color . There is a fair measure of violence in O’Connor’s stories. In a Good Man Is Hard To Find the grandmother is wearing a shirt with purple spray of violets. Later in the story there a lot of violence resulting in the death of the whole family. The River is the story about a young boy of five who wants to feel the peace of the Kingdom of God. This story is entirely based on religion . Bevel the protagonist gets a revolving door of babysitters , until...
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