Religion in Animal Farm: Real or Just Another Trick?

Topics: Soviet Union, Religion, Animal Farm Pages: 3 (1131 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Religion in Animal Farm: Real or Just another trick?
"In the Big Rock Candy Mountains,There's a land that's fair and bright, Where the handouts grow on bushes And you sleep out every night." were the words of a famous and powerful vagrant (hobo) folksong, and this song just like The "sugar candy mountains" dream't of By Moses the raven in George Orwell's "Animal farm" was just a ploy to raise someones hopes and convince them to follow them and their "wisdom," even if the leaders of the farm were shutting Moses' ideas down. Orwell also follows his constant trend in the book of comparing aspects of the farm to communist Russia. The Nazis like the leaders of the farm were completley opposed to any religion other than "Scientific Atheism," or "animalism in the case of the farm, yet like any society there is still those following in the opposite direction of the law, and the farm like the strategic communist party used doublespeak and a stealthy re-routing of the truth to create their "ideal" society. Throughout the lifetime of Orwell's book, "Animal Farm," the true origin of its religious conflict and its connection to the USSR have been theorized by many of todays critics.

Writer John Rodden, believes that the religious backround came from the famous song "Big Rock Candy mountains" as well as its backround with Communist russia. Rodden writes about it in his paper "Big Rock (sugar) Candy Mountain?How Orwell Tramped Toward Animal Farm." The Song "Big rock Candy Mountains" was once a songs sang by vagabonds in there attempts to bring chldren to their "side", and to gain them a slave or worker of sorts. Children would willingly join the "hobo" lifestyle after hearing this song which spoke of a supposed land that was filled with a constant surplus of candy and alcohol, no work, and a do whatever you want policy. Children believed the lie and followed the hobos hoping to oneday reach this fantasy land.

In the book animal farm "Moses" the raven tells the animals...
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