Religion Essay

Topics: Religion, Universe, God Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: December 20, 2014
Alice Kui

There have been countless times when I challenged my own beliefs. I could not grasp the idea of religions.10 In fact, I was indifferent to the whole concept. Born into a Buddhist family, I had to consider myself Buddhist although I considered myself an atheist.7 Being an atheist,7 I never went to church or religious events. When I saw unfortunate people begging on the streets for money or heard stories of abused children, I did not understand how they could continue to beg God for help. I continuously questioned the world and wondered, is religion or science true? I never took into account the possibility,20 where17 none of these ideas are10 true. Growing up,14 science and social studies were just subjects in school to me. Science was more logical because there are always documented facts to the knowledge of the universe, such as the earth being round. In history, I learned about diverse religions such as Hinduism, Christianity, and Judaism. When I did, 7I realized that I did not believe in any of them. I spent time, attention and energy refuting something, I believe,20,24,syntax that does24 not exist. I wanted to help non-atheists realize their prospect17 was wholly ill founded. Deep inside, I essentially had another motive. When challenging those who believed in God, I was curious to see if they could convince me otherwise. I would love someone to simply show3 me the evidence of God’s existence. In reality, I was too17 narrow-minded in my own beliefs that I did not open my mind to all the possibilities the world offers. If science was the answer, why do people believe in the idea that God created us all?7 The answer is simple; there is no answer. As a strong believer in science, I neglected the idea in5 religions. Truthfully, religion still does not make sense to me. God cannot possibly be there for everybody; however, who am I to say that science exists when it11 can all be an illusion. What if the real answer to how the world started...
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