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March 11, 2012
Elements of Religious Tradition

Religious traditions influence people and even more important cultures across the world on a daily basis. The paragraphs to follow will show how religious traditions describe and show how relationships are encouraged and established with the divine, sacred time and space, natural world and relationships with one another. This will ensure a more thorough understanding of different religions. Additionally, using several examples from various religious traditions will go one step farther in enhancing that understanding. The foundation to any successful religious belief is to establish a relationship with the divine.

Since the dawn of time spiritual relationships with the Divine have been prevalent as part of the human existence in the natural world. Different religions refer to the sacred by various names such as Great Spirit, the Holy, the Divine, the Great Mother, the Ultimate, and the Absolute. One of the most globally known references to an originating holiness is God. Religions differ in the perspectives from a God, multiple gods, spirits, and even see nature as the Divine. Key to any religion is establishing a relationship with and obligating personal time to share with the Divine.

Several methods of accomplishing this is praying, studying the Bible, the Veda, the Quran, or spending time with nature. Specifically, praying is prominent with Christians and is a way to communicate to God on a daily basis. Praying by Christians is just one example of various methods religions can use to foster a relationship with the Divine.

Daily lives are seen as moving forward into the future through what is known as ordinary time. Conversely, according to Malloy (2010), an example of sacred time is the sacraments of the Roman-Catholicism religion. As the Patheos, Seek, Understand (2008-2011) website states, that by celebrating the Eucharist, Baptism, Confirmation, Reconciliation,...

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