Religion Divides

Topics: Religion, Discrimination, War Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: September 14, 2011
The majority of the people say there are this many religions and we follow the religion of that particular god but it is very rare to find people who admit that their religion is humanity and believe in humanity. Religion divides the people into small set of groups which creates conflict between other groups. For example, the ruthless and fierce Nazis did not hesitate to kill millions of people including kids just because they were Jewish. The religious war that took place was more destructive than the secular war. The reason for their conflict was the different religion they followed. So, the religion has divided the people and it will continue to divide till the term religion is eliminated. Imagine if there had been no religion to follow and our gods were our teachers, parents and the ones who show us a good path in life then the world would be a better place than now. There would be no one to suppress people to follow one particular religion like some religion does. There would be no conflict between different groups of people following different religion. The people do not have to stop doing something that they want because religion sets limits on it. For example, it is not well accepted if a Muslim and a Hindu gets married. Religion not only divides but also sets limits on being linked with people of different. Religion creates discrimination between people. The Hindus discriminate a group of people known as low class people and do not tend to eat food or water that were touched by them. The untouchable people have their sentimence hurt when the so called high class people tend to discriminate tem to that extent .When people are born in a low class family then people regard it as a misfortune to the child. The girls are also highly discriminated in religious context. Many years back when a child was born as girl the girl was either killed or given away by her father. It was like a sin to be born as a girl. So, religious is responsible for creating...
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