Religion declines compared to Materiistic goods

Topics: Religion, Faith, North America Pages: 3 (838 words) Published: July 13, 2014
ENG3U: Informal Essay
[North] Americans do not believe in a higher power as they put more emphasis on material goods. First off, North Americans do not put enough effort into religion and it’s symbolism as much as they do with regards to material objects and their significance. Also, people put more money into materials, objects or items, rather than donating to their local parish. Furthermore, the desire for the American Dream outweighs our need for faith in the lord. Religion’s significance in symbolism has declined over the past decades compared to material goods in which are recognized all over the North Americans. Symbolism is what helps people recognize the importance of a company, an incident, a religious belief and etc.. For example, Nike is a North American renowned sports company, in which many people buy and wear their products on a day to day basis. Most of North America can recognize the symbol of Nike “The Swoosh” and its significance Just do it, but many do not recognize the Omkara symbol in the Hindu religion and what it stands for. The Omkara symbol represents the universe, the past, the present and future. Many have replaced religious beliefs with materialistic goods in order to live a wealthy and satisfying life instead of staying pure for their afterlife and other religious concerns after death. Also, most people do not realize the unnecessary materialistic goods in their household, such as Loui Vuitton, Apple, Honda, Microsoft, and etc while in those same households; religious materialistic symbols are to the minimum. This proves that society has turned to money and the goods that come with it for satisfaction instead of believing in their religious god(s) for a safe and happy life and afterlife. Thus, stating that materialistic goods are far more valuable than religious symbols in today’s society. Many do not realize that more money is invested in products instead of donating that money to the ones that would benefit from it. In the...
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