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Topics: Islam, Jesus, Religion Pages: 3 (1080 words) Published: August 12, 2013
Aakash Dave; WHAP; Curtis
Document Based Question

While from 600 BCE – 1450 CE Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam spread in various different methods such as violence and empires, it was also spread by the use of missionaries in some religions. This occurred mainly due to each religions desire to convert as many people as possible, and desire to expand the amount of territory influenced by the religion.

First and foremost, Christianity spread in two separate ways: one being missionaries and the next being empires. This is best delineated by documents 3,6, and 8. As portrayed by the map, one way Christianity expanded by the use of empires (doc. 3). Christian empires throughout 200 CE – 400 CE expanded into the Mediterranean and some of the regions surrounding the Black Sea. This shows that empires were a way that Christianity spread because by 400 CE it had reached approximately 1000 miles from its origin. This map (doc. 3) may include bias due to the fact that it only expresses the time period from 200 – 400, not from the spread from the origin of Christianity to 1450 CE. Pope Urban II, in 1895, describes another way that Christianity spread. The quotes, “We visited the regions of Gaul and devoted ourselves largely to urging the Princes,” and “Bishop of Puy, the leader of the expedition,” show that another method used by Chrisitianity to spread was the use of missionaries (doc. 6). Also, key words such as “bishop” and “urging the princes” clearly defend that missionaries were a significant method for expanding. This document (doc. 6) seems to be valid due to the fact that in the historical context of the crusades, there were missionaries. Also, this claim is backed by the fact that the document is a primary source that increases the validity. Lastly, the disciple of St. Columba in 700 CE, adds to how Christianity was spread through the use of missionaries. In the document, Adoman states, “Monastic brotherhood.” This clearly shows that he was referring...
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