Religion Assignment

Topics: Christianity, Religion, Faith Pages: 3 (1097 words) Published: January 22, 2012
Religious Background
My family is fairly religious and my views have certainly been influenced by their beliefs. I was brought up in a Christian household and the majority of my relatives are Christian as well. All throughout my life this has been the only religion that anyone in my family has followed. Most families have some sort of differing beliefs however mine lacks this and there is very little that differs in any of the family’s belief systems. Though my parents wanted me to attend church regularly I was never forced into anything whether it be attendance or belief and I truly appreciate that. Religion is not the center of my life but it still has a strong presence and influence on my life. Though my family does acknowledge most traditions we have never strictly adhered to them. Of course we celebrate the main events such as Easter and Christmas and partake in the events that go with them. My parents would make sure that we knew the reason that we were celebrating these holidays and though presents still seemed to reign supreme there was always the thought of something bigger. We would always attend the evening church services and the large (and usually dull) family gatherings on these special occasions. Going to church every weekend was not something that was a necessity for us however I believe most would still recognize us as regular attendees. It was always my belief that going to church was not an essential part of my religion and we would occasionally choose football or even sleep over the usual Sunday morning service. Earlier in my life we attended an Evangelical Christian church and my family agreed with the belief system for the most part though my parents seemed to have issues with some of the smaller aspects of the Evangelical church. It was at this church that I first began to form my set of beliefs and my opinion of religion. I have always been prone to asking questions and even at a young age I somewhat philosophical (now I...
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