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There are different people in the world who speak different languages, and they even have a distinct religion. In different countries, we see the people of a different religion we are living, but in one country, we will find the majority of one religion. The people who are in the majority in one country, they will together form the religion of that country. Here, are some examples, like in Pakistan, we find majority Muslims thus it is Islamic country, in India the Hindus are in the majority, but in Pakistan we also find Hindus and in India we also find Muslims. Thus, in Argentina the Catholics are in majority thus they form the Argentina religion. In Argentina, the Jewish forms the largest part of the population. Even we find some people in the Argentina, who have no religion at all. CHURCH:

Painted in pink and yellow, The Cathedral of Salta, Argentina looks like a beautifully shaped strawberry & vanilla- Ice cream. Good enough to eat. It was completely destroyed in the 17th century & its reconstruction lasted until 1882. Cathedral Basilica de Salta houses an important religious relic, EL SENOR DE LOS MILAGROS ( the Lord of Miracles) A statuette of Jesus Christ which being transported by a Spanish ship that sank in Argentinean waters.

The Constitution guarantees freedom of religion. In a study assessing nations' levels of religious regulation and persecution with scores ranging from 0–10 where 0 represented low levels of regulation or persecution, Argentina received a score of 1.4 on Government Regulation of Religion, 6.0 on Social Regulation of Religion, 6.9 on Government Favoritism of Religion and 6 on Religious Persecution. The law that regulates the acknowledgement of religions by the state dates from 1978, and makes it prohibitively bureaucratic for minority cults to attain official recognition, since it was passed by the dictatorial government of the time basically to search those cults for politically subversive elements....
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