Religion and Violence

Topics: Judaism, Religion, Christianity Pages: 3 (1061 words) Published: February 20, 2014

Religion plays an important role in the United States. Not only does religion play a huge role in the United States, but it plays an important role in political conflict in America and abroad. Major political conflicts have religious differences since the beginning of time. Religious differences vary from debates about civil rights, abortion, and gender relations in the United States.

It is known that in other parts of the world, Catholic Christians feud against Protestant Christians; Hindus battle Muslims; Buddhists battle Hindus; Muslims are feuding against Christians; and Jews have an issue with Muslims. Most people view their religion as being peaceful as well as placid. The Jews, Christians, and Muslims believe in the “Peace of God,” and Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists teach nonviolence. Although we know about religion vs. religion, we should also know about the three different varieties of religion violence. One form of violence would be those intended as punishment for people believed to be evil. Another violence is the act of violence that are inherently religious, and the last violence is the clash between the religious communities.

Many people who have different beliefs and who claim to be a certain religion are not necessarily religious, but because they may not be religious does not change what they’re taught to believe. Religious violence comes from the idea that religion is sacred and if you’re partaking in that belief then you are not to believe in what others outside of the religion are teaching. For example, Christians are taught that there’s only one God who is the creator of all things, Heaven and earth and that he’s a jealous God so no one or nothing is to come before him. Because of the beliefs system that belongs to Christianity, Christians are not to be involved in any other religion(s) such as, Hinduism, Buddhism, African Religion, etc., unless they plan to fully convert. The information that was shared on religious violence was all...
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