Religion and Spirituality in the Modern World

Topics: Religion, Science, Spirituality Pages: 2 (704 words) Published: October 14, 2013
There have been many premises covering the topic of religion and spirituality assisting the understanding of the framework of the modern world. Specifically, two different hypotheses - the secularization hypothesis and the religious transformation hypothesis - aid in grasping this issue. The secularization hypothesis promotes a secular society, replacing religion with modern science and technology. On the other hand, the religious transformation hypothesis explains that religion will be constantly reshaped by modern culture. These hypotheses and their specifics give insight allowing exploration to essentially observe where religion and spirituality are headed in this contemporary world. The secularization hypothesis conveys religion as an undeveloped way of thinking soon to be overtaken by modern science and technology. This hypothesis rejects the possibility of strong supremacy, along with goals that are “beyond ordinary human flourishing” being seen as preposterous. It also abolishes the “enchanted” sense of the world. Ideas from the French Enlightenment era along with positivism ideas provided the influence for the secularization hypothesis saying religion is undeveloped. During the 19th century, religion among Europeans-especially young adults-had a constant decline, added encouragement to the hypothesis. It is added that individualism helped the view of secularization because the hypothesis turns down the concept of man placed in the social and natural world that has spiritual or “divine purposes”. Atheism can develop from secularization and can be seen in different ways, such as active denial of God and value of religion, or rejecting the daily role of religion in a persons life. The secularization hypothesis also worked to remove religion from most of society, including politics, economics and ethics. Basing everything on science makes the secularization aspect hinge on logical positivism, which is that only science can explain important world problems.,...
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