Religion and Society

Topics: Religion, Morality, Meaning of life Pages: 4 (1004 words) Published: April 15, 2014
Religion and How it Affects the American Society
Society is bound by codes of behavior and tacit agreements to live together in harmony. Religion plays an integral part in this code that society has created for itself. Every aspect of life, such as birth, death, marriage, and relationships, often have religious significance. Even though not all peoples in a society prescribe to the same religion, or any religion at all; religion is still deeply rooted in society and plays a part in everyday life. Religion gives people a moral code to live by; it gives life meaning and purpose, and it is prominent in the American government. Religion provides society with a moral compass for its citizens to live by. God provided Christians with the Ten Commandments and countless parables to help guide Christians to the path of righteousness; Buddhists adhere to the five percepts so that they may not stray away from the path to Nirvana, and Islamists follow a moral code outlined for them in the Quran that closely resembles the Christian Ten Commandments. These are all vastly different religions with different codes of ethics, but they are similar in the sense that they provide society with a moral code to live by. Although not everyone within society prescribes to a religion, religious influence is still present. Also, even though one may not follow the doctrine of a certain religion, that does not mean one cannot follow the moral code. All of society’s major religions have the same basic code; be a good person, don’t commit murder, obey the laws of society, etc. These guidelines are common sense, and anyone who knows right from wrong has a moral compass and a sense of ethics. With this in mind, although society has a basic understanding of right and wrong, religion takes it a step farther by demanding of its followers something more than just being a good person. Most major religions expect its followers to be moral leaders in society by helping those in need, and going out of...
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