religion and social welfare

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Religion & Social Welfare Policy.

Role of Religion in SWP history and currently.


Religion and Social Welfare
Role of Religion

The dictionary defines charity as a voluntary activity, donating money, property or service’s to the needy for general social betterment. ( Charity through Christianity in the New Testament is considered the largest form of love. It is manifested through an unselfish love of ones fellow man (Corinthian 1:13.) In Hebrew the Tzedakah refers to charity as giving to those in need. The word Tzedakah referring to justice, kindness, ethical behavior. Judaism considers charity to be an act of justice it holds that people in need have a legal right to food, clothing and shelter. This must be honored by the more fortunate people. In Judaism, it is unjust and illegal for Jews to not give charity to those in need. It is obligatory self-taxation, rather than voluntary donation. The Torah commands Jews to give 10% of their earning to the poor every 3rd year. (Deuteronomy 26: 12), and an additional percentage of their income annually, (Leviticus 19:9-10.) The Old Testament law commanded tithe through (Leviticus 27. 30, numbers 18:21-28, Deuteronomy 12:16-17) 10% of your income to the church. The Old Testament law required multiple tithes. Israelites were required to give approximately 25% of their income. In Islam the act of charity (Zakah) is a part of the five Pillars of Islam”. The Qur’an states that Zakah is mandatory; it teaches that charity will never reduce the wealth of the giver. Requiring 2.5% of annual wealth for the welfare of the needy & destitute. (Quran chpt. 34:39) The New Testament expresses Christianity in Matthew (25:35-40) showing love for god by expressing love for the poor and disadvantaged Luke (10:30-37) sets the example that people love their neighbors as they love themselves. Thus, showing early Christianity’s transcendence of the Jewish concept of charity....
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