Religion and Prejudice

Topics: Christianity, Seventh-day Adventist Church, Jesus Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: August 25, 2013
I Will Never Be an Adventist!
While growing up, I live in the same neighborhood with some staunch Adventists. I cannot tell but I just have never been fascinated by going to church on Saturday—maybe it would be how the system made going to church on Saturday look. My friends had been called upon to do various sporting activities for the church, but it had never come to me to even visit them. I must confess, and may God forgive me my sins, that the Seventh Day Adventist church would have been the last church I would go and fellowship with. I had no basis for this prejudice.

However, God works in mysterious ways and that is why I have always feared Him. It took an SDA clergy to convince me to be baptized. It was this pastor who made me see the need to be baptized when I happened to be at the Week of Spiritual Emphasis (WoSE). I’m not saying my own church pastor couldn’t convince to be baptized though—I wouldn’t like to be drawn into any controversy. I’m just giving honour to whom honour is due. This pastor, Ps. Balisasa, reiterated the words of Yeshua Hamasiach to Nicodamus that until one is born of water and the spirit, just like Jesus Himself was, one cannot see the Kingdom of God.

I had tried to be baptized, but I hadn’t been able due to some circumstances beyond my control. At a time in my own church, I did my best to start the bible teaching leading to the baptism only to be discouraged getting to the latter part. I saw the opportunity given me at the WoSE to make the most important decision in my life; to act upon my faith irrespective of my religious affiliation; and to seize the day--as the pastor said I may not get this opportunity again.

In conformity with the church policy, the new converts of the WoSE were to be baptized the following Sabbath, but I couldn’t make it due to some occurrence best known to God only. An arrangement was made for me alone to be baptized the following Sabbath though. Finally on that day, the pastor called to...
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