Religion and Politics

Topics: Religion, United States, Human rights Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Religion and Political Choices

Religion is a part of our lives and most of the decisions people make are based on their religion. Beside all personal decisions, religion has already become one of the factors for voter’s political choices. Many countries don’t have this problem because only one religion exists in there while in major countries, especially in the United States of America citizens have different religion and political parties and their nominees might be related to different religions as well. When it comes to vote for this or another candidate, many factors influence a voter’s decision, including religion of nominee. However, in my opinion, religion should not interfere with voter’s political decisions because religion is a freedom of belief and has nothing to deal with freedom of speech and decisions. In countries like United States, Canada, Western European countries freedom of speech is fundamental, and is based on fundamental principles of our ancestors. There was a time when in mid-eval era religion was the biggest part and influence of the State. In many countries like Italy, Spain, France, Great Britain church was the only institution that mattered the most. For hundreds of years the church believed that they were the center of universe and everyone else followed. It is said that many of Renaissance's polymaths like Da Vinci, Michelangelo were targets of the church because of their art and inventions. The Science severely suffered by the barbarism of the Crusades. In Middle East today there are too many countries that claim religion of Islam as a dominant power of the state, leaving as result too many gaps in human development. Because of the religion and rules women must obey their husband. They must cover almost every part of their bodies. Their husband is entitled to decide for her fate, he is even entitled to kill her if she doesn't behave "properly". There is so much violence in that area because of religious leaders that are also...
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