Religion and peace building

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Religions; serve as vehicles for sustaining, propagating, and creating the cultural traditiona associated with a particular religious worldview. In the sense relgions are vehicles and spirituality , is a lived message and process conveyed through religion. Religion is atool to achieve spiritual attunement; this attunement can be the source of selfless action fotthe benefit of others in the world. Religions provide meaning, values, and flamework through which peoelple interperte personal and social experience and general behaviours (spradley, 1997) religions helps to heal wounds, to make sense of tragedy, to give purpose and higher meaning of life, and of higher or divine purpose. There are people in the world like Mother Theresa, Gandhi, martine Luther king, Jr., Chief Seattle, Thich Nhat Hanh and many others whose voices were understood and cultivated peace in the world. (Edward 2010) Peace; According to David J. O’Brien and Thomas A. Shannon, the term peace refers to an individual’s sense of well being or security, or it can mean the cessation of armed hostility producing an atmosphere in which nations or communities can relate to each other and settle conflicts without resorting to the use of arms. Peace is the right relationship with God and one another which entails forgiveness, reconciliation and re-union. Peace is an enterprise of justice (Is 32:7) it results from the harmony that is built on human society; it is never attained once and for all but must be built up ceaselessly. It can’t be attained unless personal values are safeguarded and people share freely and trustingly their inner spirit and talents. Peace is the positive realization of the dignity of the whole human family. The Catholic Church’s vision of peace consists of four elements which are; human rights, development, solidarity and world order. (AFER Vol 52 No 4 and Vol 53 No 1 2010-2012, 151) Religion and peace building refers to the study of religion's role in the development of peace. Religion has been and is at different points in history, both advantageous and ruinous to the promotion of peace. Peace with religion focuses on the importance of coexistence and interfaith dialogue. Gerrie ter Haar suggests that religion is neither inherently good nor bad for peace, and that its influence is undeniable. Peace with religion, then, emphasizes promoting the common principles present in every major religion. A major component of religion and peace building is faith-based non-governmental organizations (NGOs). According to Douglas Johnston there are two distinct advantages of faith-based Non Government Organizations. The first is that faith-based Non Government Organizations have immediate influence within that community since they are locally-based. He argues that “it is important to promote indigenous ownership of conflict prevention and peace building initiatives as early in the process as possible.” The second advantage is that faith-based Non Government Organisations carry moral authority that contributes to the receptivity of negotiations and policies for peace. Confucius

Among the Confucius, peace is achieved through harmony, and harmony is maintained by virtues and virtues can be cultivated in every human being through education. The key virtues that Confucius advocates are loving kindness, selfless giving, cavity or actions of virtues, acquisition of wisdom, building of sincerity, trust, faith, piety, respecting of humanity and forgiveness. To them peace education is for transformation of individuals form the inside, by cultivating love and compassion in the heart and by living in a virtuous state of being in daily life. (Edward 2010) Confucius talks about cultivating peace among nations or states, Confucius maintains that people should employ politics with the virtues of harmony, love, Kindness, respect, forgiveness, mildness and the actions should match with the words. If leaders engage in virtues-based actions, the people will become...
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