Religion and Nourish Crops

Topics: Religion, Sacrifice, Human sacrifice Pages: 3 (785 words) Published: March 13, 2011
Inquiry Essay
Bloodletting and human sacrifice to the Mesoamericans was not only a sacrifice, it was a way for Mesoamericans to demonstrate their conviction that bloodletting rituals were essential to the coming of rain and the survival of their agricultural society as well as an honoring to the gods. Mesoamericans believed that the shedding of blood was essential to the worlds survival. Societies began to support these beliefs and practices because they began evolving with the fact that gods had shed their own blood to water the earth and nourish crops of maize and in return to honor the gods they, themselves, the human beings had to imitate the gods sacrifice. Although Mesoamericans may have had bloodletting rituals other parts of the world began to evolve with their own belief systems such as the Aryans who practiced ritual sacrifices and the Harrapan religions who believed in fertility cults but also there were the Mesopotamians who believed in mummification.

Mesoamericans believed that the shedding of blood was essential to the worlds survival. Mesoamericans considered the religious acts to be necessary in order for the world to maintain its stability, not fall into an end and then slowly diminish. The sacrificial rituals were in honor of the gods, of the rain, and of the sun and were considered essential in order for prosperity in Mesoamerican agriculture on which they heavily relied on. Mesoamericans believed that by shedding their own blood they would be honoring the gods giving the world they lived in a higher chance of its survival. If the gods were not honored Mesoamericans believed the world they inhabited in would soon vanish. These practices made sense to Mesoamericans because they believed that their rulers were descendants of the gods and either their blood or the blood of royal captives was the only ultimate and possible sacrifice.

Societies began to support these beliefs and practices by beginning to evolve with the fact that gods had...
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