Religion and Myth

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Consider what purpose the Myth of Esfandyar may have served within its culture. Evaluate carefully the characters, story lines, and try to determine what message, moral, or behavioral conventions you can associate with the respective myths. Make sure to cite specific parts of the story in your discussions. It is always OK to compare a myth to another or note a theme that may seem universal or conventional in mythology, (e.g. the god who dies and is resurrected motif from our last discussion). Just be specific in referencing other stories. Some possible angles to consider in composing your post:

This myth ends with the following lines: Who among us can escape our fate? Who among us can use our wisdom, or our courage, or our strength, or our skill to this end? No one. How do Goshtasp and Esfandyar remain true to their principles? What effect does predestination have on the characters in this myth? How would predestination affect the way an individual lives? Esfandyar was a great warrior who set in his heart to become the great ruler and King of Persia. His father knew that he was a great warrior and set him in his first task to defeat King Arjasp of Turan. Esfandyar then defeated Arjasp and his Demon warriors and caused them to flee from Persia. When Esfandyar returned to his father victorious and demanded that he be the King of Persia his father responded by sending him on another quest and to spread the word of Urmazd. When his father heard from a jealous nobleman that his son was going to over throw him from the thrown, he became so furious that he wanted to get rid of him at all cost. Because King Goshtasp knew he would not be able to defeat Arjasp and his army, safe his children or defend Persia all on his own he needed his son Esfandyar to help him succeed, so he let him go after imprisoning him. King Goshtasp also knew that his son would not fight for him unless he gave him the false believe of giving him the crown and becoming King. With...
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