Religion and Masturbation

Topics: Religion, Masturbation, Sexual intercourse Pages: 3 (868 words) Published: October 14, 2008
There are many views on the subject of masturbation. Some believe that masturbation is a sin and that it will cause one to go blind, grow hairy palms, or even transform one into a pervert. Others believe though that masturbation is quite healthy and should be a part of everyday living. Research conducted with young women in 1991 by Hurlbert and Whittaker proved that women who masturbate have a higher self-esteem than women who do not. Their research concluded that women’s self-esteem is directly related with masturbation because they have a more positive body image about themselves and have less sexual anxiety. In 1991, Hurlbert and Whittaker also conducted another study with young married women as their test subjects. Their findings proved that young married women who masturbate have greater marital satisfaction.

Research proves things right or wrong, but religion proves beliefs. Religious views of masturbation differ from religion to religion. Some religions view masturbation as acceptable while others completely disagree. Judaism does not prohibit masturbation, but it is not discouraged. Rabbi’s believe that masturbation is tolerable with young adults because it stimulates knowledge of sex that can be used later in life. Rabbi’s also believe that masturbation prevents adultery among married adults. The Islam religion also believes that masturbation is acceptable when preventing one from committing adultery. Buddhism though has a different light on the subject of masturbation. The religion of Buddhism believes that masturbation should never be acceptable because one should never be attached nor crave sexual pleasure. Hinduism also views masturbation as a negative form of activity as it is impure and distracts one from prayer and the pursuit of their vocations.

Religious beliefs sometimes are facts, but myths are not. Behind every subject lies its myths, and masturbation is no different. One common myth is that if one masturbates, they will grow hair on...

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