Religion and How it Influences Cultures

Topics: Religion, Human, Spirituality Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: April 13, 2014
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Religion and How it Influences Cultures
HHS 320: Cultural Awareness in the Human services
Marcia Wynn
February 23, 2014

Religion enables people to feel protected and secure with the belief that there is a higher being watching over them. Religion plays a major role in people’s lives as it gives them hope, empowerment, calm and the continuous belief that life is worth living and that there is life after death. I will be explaining how religion influences people on a political, social and economical aspect pertaining to life. Religion can be found in the Bill of Rights here in America and my aim is to understand as to why the Government saw fit to make it a Constitution of Amendments. I know that as human beings, we are entitled to certain human rights and because of this; religion is as diverse as it is today. Politics in societies are used as a form of control, to gain order, ability to make and pass laws and providing resources to its people. Politics and religion are often intertwined together to get results and putting fear into its people in term of holy wars. Even on the United States of America money, religion is implicated saying “IN GOD WE TRUST”. This is clearly a strong statement and shows how the country is influenced and believed strongly in religion. Even though there are governments to aid and guide the people within that society, people often times look for someone higher and more spiritually to believe in. Religion continuously has an affect a person’s life, but with the economic funding and social organizations to continue to aid in this area, religion has grown. The social aspect of religion brings people and their community closer together. It is the local church and events that they organize that builds a closer relationship between the two. Without religion in the community people would not have a strong belief system as they do today....

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Retrieved February 20, 2014 from
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