Religion and Education

Topics: Education, Religion, Christianity Pages: 4 (1512 words) Published: December 5, 2013
U.S. President Dwight D. Howard stated that, “If our government is not based on deep religious beliefs it has no meaning.” (H.R. Guggisberg, 1988, p.2) (MENG Xianxia/Cross-cultural Communication Vol. 7 No. 2, 2011, p. 232).  Although religion has been a heated topic since the beginning of mankind, we cannot deny the influence it has had in educational institutions through the development of all civilizations.  The role of religion in public education is not limited to America alone.  Religion and Education are directly related to the development of all societies and cultures.  In this paper, I will discuss and explain the influence of religion and education on societies since the beginning of mankind.   1) Religion deals with almost all aspects of human life. 2)  History cannot be taught in education without the mention of religious influences on civilizations. 3) The role of religion in public education is not limited to America alone, since the beginning of mankind every civilization has shown some type of evolution within their religious and educational institutions. There are several examples from different parts of the world to prove how widespread the problem is. 4)  All societies and civilizations are made up of individuals that belong to families.  Families are the core of all societies and the religious choices of each family will society as a whole.   1) It may have influence in education, marriage, work, and even food.  “American religious education, as a kind of spiritual support, has been playing a supportive role in Americans’ outlook on life, the realization of life value, the shaping of personality, ethic concepts and national spirit.  It’s important role is manifested in the economic and political fields.”  (MENG Xianxia/Cross-cultural Communication Vol. No. 2 1001, p.231)  Religion influence many aspects of day to day issues such as life choices, dress, and education. As shown in the article, “Religious Experience and Progressive Education,”...

References: 1) Religious Experience and Progressive Education, American Educational History Journal, Jared R. Stallones.
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