Religion and Divine Intervention

Topics: Religion, Universe, Deity Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: August 4, 2013
First of all before starting my debate i would like to ask u one thing that Do u remember the dilogues of the the movie OMG,where Mr.khanji Lal said that God said in all holly boks like Bible,Quran,bhagwat Gita etc. that "for each and every thing which happen on the earth is just because of me and i am responsible for that".So, this implies that all the tragedies which happens on the earth is divine intervention. Good morning to one and all present here.

Respected Juery members,teachers and my dear friends today i m standing before u to express my views on the given topic and i m going to support the line that it is divine intervention. Now,according to the topic it is true that each and every tragedies which take place on the earth is divine intervention.Though it is true that a man do a lot of things which affect the nature and resulting in occurance of tragedies.But the final decision is taken by the god.It is just like the working of the govt. where the all the members ,MLA's and all the officers take decision but the final decision is taken by the head i.e. prime minister.

Now if we talk about the avoidance of these tragedies then only one solution arises out "oh god! Save us!!" Avoidance of these tragedies is only obtained if we people do our duties sincerely in a well prescribed manner,that is,dont play with beauty of nature,save environment and live in harmony with each other.

Tragedies or natural calamities overcome earth only when people start playing with beauty of nature and trying to enhance its beauty by adding on their man-made beauties which in turn brings disasters for all of us as this makes god angry and he somehow tries to show his anger in the form of calamities but human beings are so much intellectual that they start praying in front of holy figures and gods to save them instead of realising the face behind these calamities.Many times it happens that god tries to show the after effects of man-made beauty that is brought by...
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