Religion and Colonization

Topics: Christianity, Religion, English Reformation Pages: 3 (1032 words) Published: May 4, 2013
religion and colonization
Religion played a major factor in the colonization of the New World as the primary reason for the founding of New England was the search for religious freedom. The religious freedoms sought by the colonists in the New World included freedom from the Anglican Church of England, freedom to worship God in a Puritanical manner, and the freedom of each church to separately govern itself and its membership. Freedom from the Anglican Church was a highly motivating factor in the colonization of the New World because the majority of the founders of the New World were in strong disagreement with religious practices of the Anglican Church, also referred to as the Church of England. One major complaint of the New World founders was that the Anglican Church too closely resembled the Catholic Church and its practices. The Anglican Church was organized very similarly to the Catholic Church in that there was a hierarchy of bishops and archbishops that governed the churches across England as a whole, and there was a lack of insight from the church members as far as church service structure or changes were involved. A large part of the colonization of the New World came to be due to strong desire of New World founders to separate from the strong hierarchy that governed the Anglican Church that was also very strongly tied to the government of England. The lack of religious freedom in the country of England and across Europe was a large motivating factor that sparked the treacherous journey to the New World, filled with danger and challenges. The founders of the New World valued separation from the Church of England enough to face the dangerous risks of travel across the ocean to an unknown land so that they could seek a new way of life and be separated from the governing of a church that did not fit their bill of satisfaction. A large majority of the New World founders valued a Puritanical way of religion that gained its name from the desire to...
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