Religion and Children

Topics: Ritual, Religion, Prayer Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: September 28, 2014
Can your Children Become Too Religious?
Summary: An American study recently shows the concern on the implicit relationship between religions and some psychological disorders. It is suggested that if a child is overzealous on his or her religious rituals, the child will easily be the torture of Obsessive Complusive Disorder (OCD). Besides, if the child is too religious and prays and studies bible all the time, he will get lower grades in school assessments and be isolated with peers. Therefore, this study advocates a religion which strikes a balance between real and spiritual lives. Response:

Undoubtedly, religion can improve well-beings that enables people to have higher self-esteem and comforts themselves. Initially, religion is graceful and marvelous but many controversies will be triggered if people are overly religious.

First and foremost, becoming excessively religious will undermine our work performance and smash our interpersonal relationships. If child spend all his time reading scripture and praying, how can he concentrate on his homework and revision? Eventually, their results will go down. If you were one of the friends of this obsessively enthusiastic child, what would you feel when he prefers staying at home to read bible or going to church rather than building mutual relationships with you? You must not endure his overzealous ritual behavior and regard him as freak or even Frankenstein. Therefore, becoming excessively religious will shatter their virtual lives.

Besides, being utterly obsessive on ritual customs will lead to overwhelming psychological disorders. A recent American study alert the alarm that if we always become self-conscious, worrying about that the ritual will insults our God, we will live in a intense environment. As a result, we will easily become sophisticated and even suffer in OCD.

In conclusion, being religious doesn’t imply a catastrophe, but being overzealous or overly religious does. Too much east is west....
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