Religion: An Overview

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FRQ Religion
Religion has influenced and manifested features of many cultural landscapes in areas across the world. Such evident affects include that of sacred sites, burial practices, architecture and the names of places. Religion can mark land through palpable artifacts and also that of thought and belief. A cultural landscape can be defined by sacred sites (range of space in which people have influenced with religious meaning) as it may be marked or defined by religious practices as being “sacred.” This act can cause religious members to travel to this area for healing and religious commitment causing much attraction to the region. This attraction and alteration by sacred sites is evident in the ancient city of Jerusalem as it draws much attention because it is believed to be the birth place of Jesus. This city draws much attention from all types of religions including Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Religion can influence cultural landscapes also through religious burial sites in areas which may differ depending on the religion. Burial sites can change the mood or practices of an area when honoring the dead along with physical landmarks. In Hindu, Buddhist and Shinto religions, the dead are often cremated and spread in a sacred area involving shrines and structures. These areas change the material component of an area along with the respect and attitude towards the landscape. Architectural elements of a religion may also affect the overall cultural and physical landscape of an area. Architecture can describe the character and beliefs in a region and may cause attraction to an area and a certain classification of people to be in the district. In medieval Europe often the focus of life would be the central monestary, church or cathedral. Buildings and businesses would grow around the architectural land mark for business and the ability to hear the tower bell. Crowds would gather for ceremonies and the landmark would attract a certain group of...
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