Topics: Hurricane Katrina, Religion, Islam Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: February 15, 2012

The book of Zeitoun is like none other that I have read before. Through this captivating story, the characters are faced with so many challenges with the coming of Hurricane Katrina, prejudices, and losing everything that you’ve come to know and love. Every day Zeitoun is faced with problems due to being part of a culture that is often looked down upon and discriminated. Three cultural differences that he encountered were getting rejected from clients because of his name, accused of being a terrorist, and his religious beliefs. Working as a contractor isn’t easy work but Zeitoun loved it. Driving around the city, checking up on his workers and being able to work with his wife and support the family. However, there are always drawbacks to a situation that may seem perfect. Many clients of Zeitoun’s could not get over his last name and where he was from. Kathy would receive phone calls asking where Zeitoun was from and the answer didn’t always please them. It’s frustrating to me that many have the nerve to look down upon others just because of things that are irrelevant to the situation. In a spot like this, my response would be to hold my head high like none of their scrutiny mattered, no matter how hard it is to keep your opinions to yourself. After the days of Hurricane Katrina, Zeitoun was stranded among the flooded streets, everything around him destroyed. Paddling along in a second-hand canoe saving lives and helping people definitely aren’t the characteristics of terrorist. Yet Zeitoun was the bad guy. Of course the area of New Orleans was in a very fragile state, however, it’s not right to be labeled as a terrorist just because of your origins. To me, it’s wrong and disgusting that people go through things like this daily. I would’ve wanted to fight back with all my might if I was in Zeitoun’s shoes. Being arrested for something that was thrown onto you because of false judgment is unreasonable and cruel. Every...
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